“Informative, casual, well presented, unbiased, thought provoking and factual!”

“I enjoyed the content as I heard some similar themes in my own Personal Development at previous times.  I felt like there were lots of connections to my own learning.”

Inner Sanctum retreat participants

Jim Wilkinson is a habitual student and teacher of life; motivational speaker, educator, hunter, martial artist, song writer, father, personal trainer, author, life coach, farmer and business owner to name a few of his pursuits. He has been involved in and worked with youth at risk; street people and homeless; prison visitation program; overseas aid and refugee placement.

Through this myriad of life experiences, Jim has accumulated not just the knowledge these situations have afforded him but also, more importantly, the life wisdom springing from these interconnected events .

Jim has a gift for presenting the small and big picture of the quality of our existence that is both uplifting and challenging.

His recent book The Best of Both Worlds : The Dao in the New Millennium is his first foray into sharing with his audience  the strong patterns that drive how we engage with the changes that surround us, reflected against the things that never change within us .  Jim is both enigma and a man of the people, he is Yin Yang walking!