Speaking Topics

The Patterns that drive reality

It is an effort to keep up with the fast paced changes of our technology, social media and society fads ! But knowing the patterns and processes that underpins it all helps with not just coping with it but also deciding how one incorporates it all !

The battle of the two E’s : The skill of lowering stress and anxiety

There is a growing unease about the  increase of anxiety and depression in not just adults but also our children. This presentation looks at non chemical ways of dealing with this important issue.

DNA and Self Awareness :The Yin Yang way of our daily life

Many of us are living out our existence in a schizophrenic state, which we are not aware of. We have a DNA default setting  but we need the balance  of awareness to engage in life meaningfully !

Punctuated Equilibrium . Dealing with change

We are told that change is all around us , but what is change really and how does it happen ? Dealing with change is a skill !

The Path of least Resistance : Our Convenience Gene!

The path of least resistance is not always the best path . The counter intuitive nature of energy expenditure and outcomes.

It’s Hip to be Bullied

The what , why’s and wherefores of Bullying .   A street perspective !

The economy of E: The real currency of the world

There are no free rides in this universe ! A bargain for one person means a cost carried by another. Making sense of the  real cost anything .

The Planet I live on

A light hearted look at the way different perspectives can transport you to another planet!

Boys 2 Men : Issues of maleness in modern society